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Maximizing Natural Light: What Makes Energy-Efficient Skylights The Right Choice For Commercial Buildings

October 4, 2023

Maximizing Natural Light – Energy-Efficient Skylights

Today, every commercial building needs to maximize natural light. It has become a crucial aspect of design, promoting energy efficiency and enhancing occupant well-being. As businesses increasingly prioritize sustainability and seek ways to reduce their environmental impact, the demand for energy-efficient skylights continues to rise.

According to a recent study, the total use of electricity for heating, cooling, and lighting increased in the 2020s. This is a 5% increase compared to 30% in 2010s. This may not seem significant, but considering how we are actively moving towards more efficient technology, this increase reflects a need for better lighting models.

Energy-efficient skylights offer a compelling solution by harnessing the power of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and minimizing reliance on HVAC systems for temperature control. This article will explore the significance of energy-efficient skylights in commercial buildings and how they contribute to sustainable building performance.

Role of Skylights in Maximizing Indoor Light

Skylights play a pivotal role in maximizing indoor light. This is true not only for commercial buildings but residential and industrial properties as well. By effectively harnessing natural light, skylights create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

This reduces the reliance on artificial lighting during daylight hours significantly. The Department of Energy suggests that skylights can help improve lighting and ventilation (heating and cooling) costs significantly.

Some key aspects that make skylights an essential component for maximizing indoor light include:

Amplifying Natural Light

Skylights serve as a conduit for natural light, allowing it to penetrate deep into the interior spaces of a building. With strategically positioned skylights, areas that are typically distant from windows can still benefit from the abundant daylight, creating a more evenly lit environment.

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting is a concept that involves capturing and utilizing natural light to offset the need for artificial lighting. Skylights play an instrumental role in this process. They provide a direct source of daylight that can be harnessed to illuminate interior spaces.

Enhancing Visual Comfort

With the right materials, not only do skylights provide impeccable lighting but also protection against weather elements. Their structural integrity [1] enhances visual comfort and a sense of safety within commercial spaces.

Natural light has a positive impact on occupant well-being, reducing eye strain and fatigue often associated with prolonged exposure to artificial lighting. Furthermore, the distribution of natural light creates a more balanced and pleasant visual environment, contributing to a sense of productivity and satisfaction among building occupants.

Tempered glass is a better choice for skylights when compared to other alternatives due to its:

  • Enhanced UV filtration capabilities,
  • Safety features,
  • Improved security against breakage, and
  • Durability and resistance to thermal stress

At VTECH Skylights, we prioritize using tempered glass in our skylight manufacturing process to deliver exceptional quality, reliability, and peace of mind to our customers. Furthermore, our skylights utilize low-emissivity (low-E) coatings. These coatings minimize heat transfer and harmful UV rays while maximizing visible light transmittance.

It Is a Connection to the Outdoors

Skylights offer a unique opportunity to establish a visual and psychological connection between indoor and outdoor environments. By introducing natural light from above, skylights provide glimpses of the sky, clouds, and surrounding landscape. This creates a sense of openness and connection to nature.

This connection to the outdoors has been shown to positively influence occupant mood and productivity.

Daylight & Heat Gain Control

Incorporating skylights with high-performance glazings, such as low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, can further improve their energy efficiency. These coatings minimize heat transfer through the skylight, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while reducing the need for heating or cooling.

VTECH Skylights For Improved Skylight Integrity & Efficiency

VTECH Skylights understands the importance of advanced materials and techniques for achieving optimal energy efficiency. Our skylights feature insulated glazing units (IGUs), low-E coatings, and more. This allows for better thermal insulation properties, improved lighting, and better design loads.

Our commitment to energy efficiency extends to manufacturing the perfect glass and framing materials for skylights. We:

  • Employ Aliphatic Polyurethane frames, which provide exceptional insulation and durability.
  • Use tempered glass to enhance safety and strength, ensuring our skylights withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Ensure solar optimization, integrating advanced technologies to balance daylighting benefits with energy-saving strategies.

Incorporating energy-efficient skylights in commercial buildings is a smart investment that offers numerous advantages in the long run. No matter your property’s design or requirements, VTECH Skylights ensures superior energy efficiency and improved indoor comfort. Contact us today to take a step towards a sustainable future. See how we can help you harness the power of natural light and heat while optimizing energy efficiency!

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