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How Long Do Skylights Last?

April 15, 2020

If you are thinking about installing a new skylight, you might be wondering how long a skylight will last.  There is no one answer.  Instead, there are many factors that determine how long the skylight will last.  By choosing the best constructed skylight that suits your needs, your skylight will last for many years.

Here are several factors that determine how long your skylight will last:

Choosing the right framing

A skylight’s frame is the skeletal structure that supports the glass or plastic in a skylight (which is known as the glazing). It is important to have a high-quality frame for your skylight.  A poorly constructed frame will not stand up to the elements and break down much quicker than a high-quality frame.      

When considering the framing for your skylight, you need to look at both the material and the construction of the framing.  In addition, you should examine how strong the screws and other fasteners hold the frame together. 

Another option for high-quality framing is using reaction injection molding.  This process creates a one-piece solid-state skylight that is molded around the glazing.  Because it is one-piece, it is many times more durable than a skylight held together by screws and other fasteners.

Choosing the right glazing option

In addition to choosing the right framing, you need to pick the proper glazing.  As mentioned above, the glazing is the glass or plastic part of a skylight.  There is no “one size fits all” option.  Instead, it will depend on many different factors.  The right glazing will be strong enough to withstand the elements and help increase energy efficiency.  Depending on the location of the skylight, you may need different glazings for each skylight in your home or business.

There are several different types of glazes.  Plastic is cheaper and less likely to withstand the elements and scratches and discolors easier than other materials.  They also let in more ultraviolet rays than other materials.  Plastics come in a wide variety of options, including polycarbonates and acrylics.   

The other common material is glass.  Glass is more durable and does not discolor.  Glass also comes in a wide variety of styles and strengths.  Depending on your needs, you can get bulletproof and ballistic glasses that can stand up to the toughest elements. 

Quality of the skylight

The quality of a skylight is important.  Using the most durable materials for framing, the highest quality glazing, and the best construction will ensure that a skylight will last for years.  Using cheaper materials or skylights that are poorly constructed will lead to a skylight breaking down much quicker.  As a result, investing in a properly made skylight is important.

Local weather

Your local weather will also determine how long your skylight will last.  Weather like snow, hurricanes, and hail can damage or destroy your skylight.  It is important to choose a skylight that can stand up to your local weather.

How your skylight is installed

Properly installing a skylight is another factor that determines a more maintenance-free skylight.  The best-constructed skylight will be the longest-lasting if properly installed. 

Installing a skylight takes more effort than cut a hole into your roof and put the skylight in.  The opening must be cut to the exact dimensions of the skylight frame.  Proper support must also be built into the roof to support the weight of the skylight.  Properly installing a skylight will ensure that it stays in place for years to come.   

Thinking of installing new skylights?  Contact us today! 

If you are thinking about installing skylights, contact us today!  We can discuss your options and help you choose the right skylight.

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