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Enhancing your Property’s Security with Solid-State Skylights

August 26, 2020

Little in this world is more important than safety.

Whether it’s protection from the elements, sickness, or those that would do others harm, the peace of mind that comes from inhabiting an assuredly safe space is key to foster a peaceful and productive environment.

As such, security has always remained a primary concern for residential property owners, as well as the inherent responsibility of commercial establishments, which means people are always searching for better ways to keep their buildings and its occupants free from harm.

This constant growth is reflected in recent forecasts of the security market, which in 2019 was valued at $102.9 billion in the United States alone and is expected to exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% between now and 2027.

With continued investments toward everything security, it’s no surprise that more and more people are coming to appreciate and harness the protective qualities today’s solid-state skylights offer.

Securing Rooftop Vulnerabilities

Recent innovations in skylight manufacturing and breakthroughs in state-of-the-art protective glass glazing have elevated the defensive capabilities of sky lighting to entirely new levels.

For instance, multiple security concerns that modern skylights address include:

  • Trauma and wear from inclement weather such as hurricanes, hailstorms, and tornados. These are some of the most frequent sources of damage to skylights, and solid-state models can mitigate them entirely.

  • Unwanted entry from burglars that remove the fastenings of vulnerable roof-access points to steal what they want, and cause unexpected liability costs. After installation solid-state skylights can’t be removed without the proper industrial equipment, making it impossible for any would-be intruders to infiltrate.
  • Impact protection from accidents, falling branches, and other instances that would typically shatter a glass surface. Unexpected hazards cause damage to property exteriors all the time, but the reinforced glass of a solid-state skylight makes these instances negligible.

  • Glass vulnerabilities under the intense levels of radiant heat that wildfires and urban blazes emit. The last thing you want when dealing with a fire is for your skylights to start shattering overhead.

These are all safety concerns that are commonly encountered throughout the U.S., and unfortunately, some of them are about to become even more frequent.

With our world’s rapidly changing climate, areas such as California that are seeing increasing seasonal infernos will need such heat protections all the more, while hail prone regions such as the state of Wyoming are only going to encounter heavier hail fall in the coming years. All to say, no matter where you are in the world, the value of advanced rooftop protections have become too great for skylight users of any kind to ignore.

Not to mention, reinforced solid-state models are simply easier to care for and enjoy over time.

That’s because aside from the immediate protective benefits they lend, today’s solid-state skylight designs are produced with incredible endurance in mind. Contemporary models are now capable of offering decades of foolproof performances against the hazards listed above—while supplying all the traditional benefits skylights offer—without any need for regular maintenance or repairs.

The Science behind Today’s Skylights

Revolutionary solid-state designs are rapidly changing the world of skylight security, and that’s largely thanks to groundbreaking innovations within modern Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) manufacturing methods.

Today’s enhanced process allows reinforced glass of different types of protective glazing—from hurricane and blast resistant surfaces to bullet-proof grade panes—to seamlessly bond with a reinforced frame. This is accomplished by injecting the aliphatic polyurethane into a preheated mold, flowing into the mold encapsulating the glass, bonding the glass and frame into a one-piece solid-state skylight. After cooling, the result is an incredibly hardy one-piece skylight with significantly greater protections than have ever been seen in Skylighting before.

Additionally, the fact that these highly protective skylights come in a single solid-state means that they are also much easier to install, they don’t require any additional fastenings, and they can be manufactured to fit any requested size.

Acquiring a Best-in-Class Skylight

With everything we’ve talked about here, the ample security benefits of RIM manufactured solid-state skylights are plain to see.

Whether protecting against intruders, accidental damages, or the weather itself, the quality and long-lasting convenience of these emerging skylight models make them a massively superior choice to their predecessors. Plus, their straightforward manufacturing method keeps costs low and consumer friendly for both private and enterprise skylight shoppers.

In fact, the strength and performance reliability of RIM solid-state skylights is so high, that we’re happily able to offer uniquely transferable warranties of up to 20 years on the models we provide our customers at Vtech.

If interested in acquiring a protective skylight for your own properties, or want to learn more about available solid-state skylight models, feel free to look over the cutting-edge and cost-efficient designs we offer here.

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