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Do You Need a Service Department?

September 9, 2020

It’s stressful when skylights malfunction. It doesn’t take long for water drips, water damage, stains, and mold to do hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage to your home or commercial building. If you’re in need of help, these tips can help you get the assistance you need to get your skylights functioning once again. 

1. Read the warranty. 

How long ago were your skylights installed? If you were the owner of your house when the skylights were put in place, your products may be covered under warranty. This paperwork should have been provided when you purchased the skylights. You may have been given this paperwork by your contractor, or it may have arrived in the box when the skylights were purchased. If you are a business owner, your building maintenance department or building manager may have this paperwork in their files.

You may even have multiple warranties, one from the skylight manufacturer and one from the installer that put the warranty in place. Some of the most important information to look for when checking your skylight warranty includes:

  • The length of the warranty
  • Events or practices that could make the warranty null and void
  • Who or what entity is responsible for fulfilling the warranty
  • Whether the warranty is transferrable (if you are not the original owner)
  • Conditions of the warranty

Read the paperwork and familiarize yourself with the contract. Be prepared to discuss the warranty with the various entities responsible for carrying out the work.  

2. Find repair service for your skylight.

Ideally, the same company that installed the skylight will be the company that performs the repair. This may be a necessity if the skylight is covered under warranty. If you are unable or reluctant to contact the original installer to repair or service the skylight, this process can help you find a new installer.    

  • Find a certified contractor who has documented experience with the type of skylight you’re trying to repair. 
  • Get a recommendation from the skylight manufacturer. They may have a list of certified installers and repair people in your area. 
  • Get repair from the manufacturer themselves, if they offer that type of service.

If you’re hiring a contractor who is not certified or endorsed by the skylight company, check references and license, read the contract before signing, and hire a reputable contractor with years of experience and a name that is well-known for your area. 

3. Know the cost of repairs.

The cost to repair skylights depends upon too many factors to give an exact amount. The extent of the damage, size, and age of the skylight, style of the skylight, and damage done to the area around the skylight are all variables that will affect cost. 

In general, repair for one residential skylight costs between $200 and $1,200. If the damage is extensive or if multiple skylights must be repaired at once, the costs may go up from this point. 

4. Know which skylights need minimal maintenance and/or repair.

Most standard skylights need repair or maintenance periodically, or they will begin to leak. Refreshing the caulking and seals around the skylight from time to time will prevent leaks and water damage in the area around the skylight.

You can avoid repair and maintenance by installing a guaranteed leak-proof skylight from a reputable company. Have the skylight installed by a contractor with the proper credentials and experience. A reputable company will likely certify installers or have a process for identifying contractors with training and qualifications for the proper installation of their products. 

Want Watertight Skylights? Contact Vtech

We’re committed to the creation of skylights that require no maintenance and are guaranteed not to leak. We’ve tested our products and perfected their design to ensure total satisfaction and peak performance throughout the life of the skylight. 

If they’re properly installed, you may never need to find the customer service department for our skylights. Our skylights are designed to withstand the test of time. To find out more about our products, call us today

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