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Debunked! Here’s the Truth Behind 7 Common Skylight Myths

December 7, 2022


A skylight have always been a useful enhancement to any structure. If placed correctly, they can assist in creating a gorgeous open-air floor plan while effectively controlling the temperature and air quality inside for maximum comfort. Although skylights have advanced over time, there are several misconceptions about them. These myths generally stem from roofing contractors and building owners who employ poor-quality skylights that are not certified by relevant authorities in the niche.

We believe it is unfair for reputation of the skylights to be tainted just because of a few manufacturers. To remedy this, we will clear the air by debunking seven common skylight myths. Let’s uncover the truth behind false beliefs about skylights.

1. All Skylights Leak

This is most likely the most common skylight myth out there. People mistakenly believe that if they cut a hole into the roof, it will eventually leak water. Of course, a skylight will eventually begin to leak if it was installed improperly or is of poor quality.

However, if the installation process and flashing are of the highest caliber, this myth can easily be busted. For instance, VTECH Skylights are designed to perfection and will not allow any moisture through. The installation is simple, as no assembly is required and there are no parts to degrade.

2. Skylights Absorb Too Much Heat and Light

Sometimes, a skylight will heat the space. However, skylights won’t significantly alter the temperature of a room if arranged properly and covered with blinds. For instance, skylights looking south and west receive more direct sunshine, which can make a space feel a little warmer. However, skylights that face north or east might not let in any sunlight at all.

In the past, rooms sometimes got uncomfortably warm, and UV radiation would make the materials of the furniture fade. This is not the case today, because VTECH Skylights permit the controlled admission of light without allowing heat or UV radiation to enter. VTECH aliphatic polyurethane materials and LoĒ 366 glass manage heat and cold well due to its structure.

3. Installing Skylights Is a Tedious Process

Skylights are a relatively simple addition to the construction process in new buildings. However, if the building space has already been constructed and skylights are intended to be a part of the remodeling process, it might be a little daunting to imagine the labor-intensive process involved.

It is crucial to understand the type of skylights you will be installing whether residential or commercial.

Additionally, with the VTECH Skylights, highly qualified, and certified installers will guarantee a stress-free experience with the installation of the skylights. When handled by experienced contractors, the entire procedure—including cutting the holes, fitting the skylight, and tidying up afterward – will be quick and efficient.

4. Skylights Are Dangerous

Most skylights are composed of multiple parts and various lighting materials. Some people may find them dangerous due to the risk of cracking and/or shattering. It’s true that most multi-parts skylights have several vulnerabilities. The weather conditions can beat them down and they will deteriorate over time. However, VTECH Skylights are designed differently. Their light is available in safety, hurricane, blast-resistant, and ballistic glazing options, and have cleared fall protection assessments. Furthermore, the design is solid-state, which means based on design and materials, it won’t degrade like regular skylights do.

5. Skylights Cannot Handle Fire

Most skylights are not flame-resistant, which can increase the risk for building occupants. However, VTECH Skylights due to material and design do not add to the fire or allow flames to penetrate the underside of the roof deck. VTECH Skylights were tested with a 1,400 °F flame and the resulting damage was observed by inspectors who concluded that there was no risk of fire penetrating into the building.

6. Skylights Won’t Survive Storms

Storms can quickly wreak havoc, causing damage to homes and buildings. One of the warnings that is given out by many roofers is that having a skylight on the roof is dangerous in high storm areas because they will break. It’s true that most skylights will not be able to survive a nasty storm, but property owners won’t have to be concerned about storm damage when they use VTECH Skylights.

VTECH Skylights received the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) P-361 certification by passing durability tests. First, a 15 lb. wooden 2×4 was fired at the skylight at a speed of 100 mph (twice). It hit the center of the glass once and then the corner. The glass cracked, but the accompanying laminate layers could not be penetrated. Then, the skylight was subjected to powerful winds traveling at 250 mph, but the seal remained intact.

7. Skylights Can Only Be Installed Within Particular Spaces 

It is commonly believed that skylights can only be installed within certain spaces. However, a skylight can be used no matter how the roof and ceilings are configured. Custom-made, structural adapters can be designed to fit any opening and conjoin to all types of existing building systems.

Final Thoughts

For roofers and building owners who don’t want to be scammed by manufacturers providing run-of-the-mill skylights, VTECH Skylights is an ideal solution. We are a renowned skylight manufacturer offering skylight adapters, skylight panels, and skylight solutions that are FEMA certified and meet the requirements of OSHA.

Our commercial skylight systems and custom-made skylights are certain to meet your requirements. All our skylights are solid-state, which means they are manufactured as a solid-state one piece. Since the frame is chemically bonded to the glazing, it won’t separate. This makes VTECH Skylights durable and reliable. Our tests prove our skylight panels and custom skylights remain intact after being exposed to several negative conditions, including pressure from winds, high impacts, fire, and heavyweight.

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