Curb-Mounted Cap Skylights

VTECH’s Patented Curb-Mounted Cap Skylight offers a simple install on a new or existing curb, coupled with the clarity and durability of energy-efficient, LoE3, argon-filled dual-glass. Heavy-duty materials ensure the CMC skylight is built to withstand the installation process, as well as anything Mother Nature throws its way. Available in standard sizes for both residential or commercial applications, these superior products are backed by an all inclusive, 20 year transferable warranty, based on the product.

20 Year Warranty
Glass – Standard, Safety or Hurricance Glass (CMC)
20-Year Fall Protection
Warranty on Hurricane Glass.
Size Code Part Number Product Description U-Factor Value* Solar Heat Gain
Coefficent (SHGC)
2×2 CMC VT2x2CMCSTDG Standard Glass 0.42* 0.26
2×4 CMC VT2X4CMCSTDG 0.42* 0.26
3×3 CMC VT3X3CMCSTDG 0.42* 0.26
2×2 CMC VT2X2CMCSAFG Safety Glass 0.41* 0.25
2×4 CMC VT2X4CMCSAFG 0.41* 0.25
3×3 CMC VT3X3CMCSAFG 0.41* 0.25
4×4 CMC VT4X4CMCSAFG 0.41* 0.25
2×2 CMC VT2X2CMCHURG Hurricane Glass 0.38* 0.26
2×4 CMC VT2X4CMCHURG 0.38* 0.26
3×3 CMC VT3X3CMCHURG 0.38* 0.26
4×4 CMC VT4X4CMCHURG 0.38* 0.26
4×4 CMC VT4X4CMCSNOW Ice and Snowloads Glass 0.39* 0.26

*U- Value results are in conjunction with the a 3/4″ polyisocyanurate/polyurethane based insulation board with a minimum R value of 4.5 per inch (not supplied with unit).

Glass Skylights

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When Brian Prindiville of Fresno Unified School District was re-roofing Starr Elementary in 2011 he chose to purchase a PHP hurricane glass solid-state skylight because of the 20-year fall protection warranty. He had no clue as to the benefits this would have towards vandalism.

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